Living the Charter for Racial Justice

Racial justice is a biblical issue
Read Exodus 1:8-14. How were the Egyptians and the Israelites each “raced?” Who are the “Egyptians” and who are the “Israelites” in the United States today?

Racial justice is a leadership issue
Who are the leaders in United Women in Faith? When and how are leadership and power shared across lines of race, ethnicity, language and class? Make institutional changes that build relationships of mutuality rather than charity.

Racial justice is a community issue
Assess changes in your community, state and nation. Where are racial/ethnic tensions arising? Make standing up for racial justice a regular part of your spiritual practice.

Racial justice is a public policy issue
Learn about laws that limit the rights of immigrants, racial/ethnic minorities and the poor to public education, social services and jobs. Join with others to exercise your political power to ensure equal and basic rights for all.

The Charter continues our urgent call for study and action on the principles and goals of its vision.

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United Women in Faith Charter for Racial Justice