Mission u

Learning Together for Transformation of the World

Each year, United Women in Faith members prepare for faithful living and action by engaging in transformative educational experiences at Mission u events. These events are centered around Mission u curricula that are designed to motivate, inform, and enrich our commitment to global ministry.

Local leaders are trained to lead one of the Mission u curricula through the organization’s Mission u Training Events. Those leaders, in turn lead the curricula at their conference Mission u events and in their local and district groups.

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2022 Events

June 24-25 – In-person Mission u – Red Mountain UMC, 2936 N. Power Rd., Mesa, AZ 85215
July 22-23 – Virtual Mission u

Great news— COMMUNITY is God’s desire for us! Please join us at Mission u 2022 as we reflect on the community that Jesus is calling us to be!

This year, as we study Luke 13, we find ourselves in a period of disruption and uncertainty. In the midst of a devastating pandemic, divisive political climate, unaddressed systemic racism, ecological crises and economic turmoil, we turn to the stories of Jesus that have anchored Christian communities for two millennia.

Our hope is that we will leave Mission u with a bigger and broader vision of the community Christ is calling us to be in times of loss, grief and massive disruption. What would be possible if we tend to the needs of our communities in small yet radical ways, as Jesus did in Luke 13?

Our newly designed Mission u 2022 is more flexible and intergenerational than ever— with curricula for youth, children and adults focused on the 13th chapter of the Gospel of Luke. The curriculum is available on our e-store. The book is $10, plus shipping.

Who Can We Be Together? All are welcome to attend! Men, Women, Youth!

Join us for the Fellowship & Inspiration. Our awesome Study Leaders: Rev. Rula Colvin and Christine Jones. Click here to learn about our awesome study leaders.

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