Welcome to the West District of the Desert Southwest Conference

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gratitude candle
A candle named Gratitude

A candle named Gratitude

How many of us have looked at store shelves filled with candles with labels describing the scent? There could be Springtime, Winter Berries, Lavender, Lemon, Peace, Joy, and even Watermelon! After locating and reading through a few books and websites, I found the...


Rev. Javier Olivares

Rev. Javier Olivares

West District Superintendent

Cynthia Holly

Cynthia Holly

Administrative Assistant



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West District Administrative Office

Desert Southwest Conference
1550 E. Meadowbrook Avenue
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West District
P.O. Box 32830
Phoenix, AZ 85064


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Javier Olivares

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Jeanie Ward, Associates – John Hui, Sandy Kerr, Joyce Trevolt

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West District Monthly Prayer Focus


Ajo Federated Church (Pastor Bob Lind)

Calvary UMC, Phoenix (Pastor Ian Oliver)

Chino Valley UMC (Rev. Robert Gilfert)


Christ Community UMC, Avondale (Rev. Antonieta Fernandes)

City Square UMF, Phoenix (Pastor Gina Pollard)

Community Church of Buckeye (Rev. Steve Marshall)


Dove of the Desert UMC, Glendale (Rev. Dave Wasson)

Maryvale UMC, Phoenix (Pastor Joel Arvizu)

Faith UMC, Phoenix (Roy Trevolt)


First UMC, Glendale (Rev. Tom Jelinek)

First UMC, Phoenix (Rev. Denny Silk, Rev. David Rennick, Rev. Todd Rogers)

First UMC, Sun City (Rev. Kathleen Puntar)


First UMC, Yuma (Rev. Mike Wilkerson, Rev. Katie Fuchs)

Fort Yuma UMC (Pastor Manuel Jimenez)

Gila Mountain UMC, Yuma (Rev. David Harriss)


Haven UMC, Jerome (Pastor Vicki Lerdahl)

Lakeview UMC, Sun City (Rev. Dave Summers, Rev. Linda De Atley, Rev. Ross Parrott)

Liberty UMC, Buckeye (Pastor Clare Sullivan)


Mission Bell UMC, Glendale (Rev. Doug Reynolds)

Mountain View UMC, Cottonwood (Rev. Jonathan Hall)

New Church Start, Yuma (Rev. Sandra Jimenez, Pastor Manuel Jimenez)


New Song UMC, Surprise (TBS)

Prescott UMC (Rev. Dan Hurlbert, Rev. Efrain Zavala, Rev. Patti Blackwood)

Prescott Valley UMC (Rev. Amanda Corella)


Trinity UMC, Phoenix (Rev. Bob Holliday)

Trinity UMC, Yuma (Pastor Bob Klein, Rev. Katie Fuchs)

Sedona UMC (Rev. Fred Mast)


Shepherd of the Hills UMC, Sun City West (Rev. Deborah Lerner, Rev. Alma Aguirre-Olivares)

Shepherd of the Valley UMC, Phoenix (Pastor Janet Culbertson)

Spirit of Hope UMC, Peoria (Pastor Christine Jones)


Spirit Song UMF, Peoria (Rev. Misty Howick)

Sunrise UMC, Phoenix (Rev. Donna Hughes)

Willowbrook UMC, Sun City (Rev. Gary Kennedy, Rev. Lois Hedden, Rev. Ruth Blum)


Mingus Mountain Camp (Staff & Campers)

Justa Center, Phoenix (Rev. Gerri Bast)

Wesley Community & Health Centers


UMC – United Methodist Church

UMF – United Methodist Fellowship (Is a church start that has not been consecrated as a church)